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Most of our leadership team members are volunteers. If you have a question about any of our programs, please check the website first. If you still need to contact us, send an email and allow at least a day or so for us to reply.



The President oversees all club operations.

a. Keeps the association and its membership directed toward association goals and enforces the
philosophy of play and club guidelines.
b. Focuses on day-to-day operation of the association with the Director of Coaching and assists inpromoting the association.
c. Serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
d. Presides at all meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and membership.
e. Serves as an ex-officio non-voting member of all Association committees.
f. Appoints committee chairmen and committee members as required.



Lucy DeWitt
[email protected]
 The Director of Coaching assists with the training and development of coaches and players for both the recreational and competitive programs.

The Director of Coaching position, may be a paid position with limited Board of Directors voting rights, shall be a club employee, and shall report directly to the board of directors.
a. Works with the Recreational and Club Team Directors and Age Group Coordinators to procure
qualified coaches for all teams.
b. Responsible for supervising and evaluation of Association coaches.
c. Arranges for periodic training and certification of coaches.
d. Evaluates outcomes of programs and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
e. Works closely with schools and local education institutions in promoting the club and the game of
soccer in the community.
f. Represents the interests of the Associations coaches on the Board of Directors.
g. Monitors league issues and passing on recommendations to the Board of Directors.
h. Helps to solicit corporate funding with the Board of Directors and monitors the association’s
contributor and membership satisfaction.


Vice President of Youth Recreational
Tina Zielinski
[email protected]

The VPs of Recreational oversee the fall and spring recreational programs.

a. Assists the President with relationships with other groups, paperwork, and matters outside the
organization of teams and the play of the game.
b. Presides at meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and membership in the absence
of the President.
 Assistant Vice President of Youth Recreational
Molly Johnston
[email protected]


Vice President of Columbia Futbol Club
Taylor Freels
[email protected]

The VP of Competitive oversees our competitive program. Tryouts are offered usually around May or June, but you may contact the VP for individual tryouts at other times of the year.

a. Assists the President with relationships with other groups, paperwork, and matters outside the
organization of teams and the play of the game.
b. Presides at meetings of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and membership in the absence
of the President.


Vice President of Adult League
Jack Sowell
[email protected]

The VP of Adult League oversees our adult program for players U19 and older.



Risk Manager/Referees
Rufus Woodard
[email protected]
[email protected]

The Risk Manager oversees compliance with all risk managment including injuries, background checks, cardiac and concussion certifications, and other club related risks.

a. Serves as manager for the Associations Risk Management Program.
b. Communicates and distributes educational material on risk management.
c. Obtains signed Employment/Volunteer Disclosure Statements for all coaches, managers,
administrators, employees, and volunteers with exposure to youth of the Association.
d. Submits completed disclosure statements to the state office.
e. Certifies in writing that all goals, fields and grounds utilized by the Association are in compliance with
TSSA Goal/Field Inspection Forms requirements.
f. Submits annually Goal/Field Inspection forms to state office.
g. Communicates and distributes TN State Law information regarding Concussion Forms and stores for 3
years signature documentation.


Jeff Norton
[email protected]

The Treasurer handles all the financials for the club.

a. Prepares the annual association budget and submits it to the Board of Directors and general
membership for approval.
b. Maintains records and receipts of all money to be deposited in a recognized bank in the name of the
c. Produces all financial records when required by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee,
properly balanced, and reflecting the current financial status of the Association.
d. Prepares and files tax returns in a timely manner.
e. Prepares any and all documents pertaining to the Associations Charter of Incorporation and tax
exempt status and is authorized to obtain the services of an accountant or attorney, as appropriate;
arranges for periodic audit of the Registrar Associations books.


Sponsor Coordinator
Crystal Barker
[email protected]

The Sponsor Coordinator works with local businesses for sponsorships to help offset registration costs.


Scheduler and Referee Assessor
Mitch Clark
[email protected]

The Scheduler and Referee Assessor schedules competitive games, tournaments and other programs as needed. Referees are assessed in their skills and given reviews on their performance.


Field Manager/Practice Field Assignor
Russ Peterson
[email protected]

The Field Manager maintains our fields and facilities and assigns practice field locations based on the days and times our volunteer coaches choose.


Uniform Coordinator
Jessica Hernandez
[email protected]

The Uniform Coordinator orders the uniform kits for our youth and adult programs each season.


Lisa Luster
[email protected]
[email protected]

The Registrar manages the registration of all programs, schedules for recreational, the website, and any other duties related to the registration process and our program operations.

a. Arranges for and oversees the annual registration of players.
b. Maintains communications with TSSA concerning procedures for registration of players.
c. Responsible for collecting fees and player forms; submitting all registration data to the state
association in a timely manner; and ensuring that all players are properly registered.
d. Assists the Recreational and Club Team Directors and Age Group Coordinators as needed with
assigning of players to teams.

The Secretary handles record retention, minutes, and other administrative duties of the board.

a. Records and distributes minutes of all meetings of the membership, Board of Directors, and Executive
b. Maintains lists of members in good standing and voting eligibility for meetings.
c. Maintains all permanent records of the Association.
d. Responsible for all written communications of the Association, meeting notices, communication with
TN Soccer, and contact with other leagues.


Director of Mentors
Bennett Holt
[email protected]
The Mentors oversee our 04U and 06U divisions. These younger divisions typically do not practice during the week. Instead, our Mentors provide traing and games each Saturday at the teams scheduled time.
Social Media Director
Kendall Freels
[email protected]
Our Social Media Director manages our social presence to help keep our members connected with events and club happenings.



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