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The Columbia Soccer Association (CSA) is a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers and the support and generosity of sponsors. CSA originated in 1984 as the Maury County Soccer Association, Region 653 (AYSO). Less than 100 players competed on two fields off Trotwood Avenue. By 1987, CSA had grown to nearly 300 players, and the organization found a permanent home at Cook Soccer Park. Matches were played on three fields. Two additional fields were constructed in 1995, and four long awaited cross walk bridges were added for the safety of players, parents, and fans in 2003. In the spring of 2004, T-Poles were built for each field to accommodate local merchant advertising. CSA now insures 800-900 recreational soccer players per season. Both the spring and fall seasons are eight weeks in duration. CSA also maintains a competitive travel division and an adult league for the young at heart.

CSA is a member of the TN State Soccer Association (TSSA). TSSA began in 1979 by experts of the game to advance and promote soccer at all levels. The game has caught hold and proven that it is the most popular game in the world and the fastest growing youth sport in the United States. TSSA is a nonprofit organization and a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Through the youth and amateur divisions, TSSA implements the USSF programs in the state of Tennessee.
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Recreational vs Competitive: Which should I choose for my player?

  • Price – While recreational soccer usually remains very affordable, most competitive programs do require higher fees. The additional fees are usually to cover coaching fees, fees that the league may charge to enter into higher levels of competition, higher referee costs, higher administrative costs, and other costs associated with playing at a higher level. Youth Recreational generally plays on Saturdays whereas Arsenal Competitive may play Saturday, Sunday, or weeknights.
  • Time Commitment – Many recreational teams have lower expectations for player attendance and have fewer or shorter practices. Most competitive players will run into major issues if they miss practice or games and will be expected to put more time into practicing. For recreational, CSA attempts to make sure that all players get to play at least half a game. For competitive, your playing time is earned. Recreational coaches are volunteers. Arsenal coaches and trainers are generally players and coaches that have been involved in the game for a long time at either the playing or instruction level.
  • Travel – Very few rec teams will venture to out of state tournaments and games and typically will stay close to home. Many competitive teams are expected to attend multiple tournaments, some of which may be out of state.
  • Developmental Approach – For the most part rec teams focus on players having fun and playing with friends before looking to develop players. Competitive programs will either have goals related to development of players and/or related to winning games and tournaments.

Click on Programs to find more information about our current recreational and competitive offerings.

How are division ages determined?

We follow the US Youth Soccer Birth Matrix, the link to which is on the homepage. Soccer seasons start in the fall and end in the spring. For instance, a 2006 birth year player in the 2022-2023 season would be a U17 (2006-2023=U17).


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