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Risk Manager in a Box

Thank you for volunteering. Team Parents (U4-U6), Coaches (U8 and up), and all volunteers must complete the following forms to comply with US Youth/TN State Soccer and Federal/State Laws.

1. RISK MANAGEMENT REGISTRATION (Background check) - This must be renewed each year starting August 1st. The registration process takes at least 48 hours to process. Please submit yours several days before Coach/Volunteer Saturday. Before Volunteer/Coaches Saturday, please verify that your background is cleared by emailing [email protected].
>>Click here to complete your background check.

2. SAFESPORT TRAINING - The purpose of the Safesport Abuse Training is to educate in a 3 part series. Each training module last about 30 minutes and can be taken in segments. Once completing the first year each additional year will be a 30 minute review. By giving you the tools to recognize the grooming
process of the sexual predator we will be able to better safeguard our young athletes.

Once you complete the training, it will be stored in the states Affinity system.
>>Click here to access the Safesport training.

3. CARDIAC AND CONCUSSION TRAINING - Watch the "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" and "Concussion in Sports" videos at When completed, please send a screenshot or printed copy to the Risk Manager ([email protected]).

>>Click here for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest training

>>Click here for the Concussion in Sports Training

4. ATTEND THE VOLUNTEER/COACHES MEETING - You will receive your roster, uniforms, and other information needed to coach. 

*YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL THE REQUIREMENTS LISTED ABOVE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE YOUR TEAM ROSTER AND UNIFORMS! If you have not completed these requirements, you will not be able to pick up your roster, uniforms, or team packets on Volunteer/Coaches Saturday. To verify that your background has cleared, and that all your certificates are good, email the Risk Manager.

[email protected]


After Coaches Saturday, what is required?
1. Contact your parents and guardians as soon as possible. Arrange practice times according to the practice field assignments you will sign up for on Volunteer/Coaches Saturday
2. Have each parent or guardian sign the Medical Release and keep this with you at all practice's and games. Make sure assistant's have this form in your absence. 
3. Check your teams home page, calendar, and roster on the website.

Additional Information for Coaches
>>Coaches Notes - General information about the league.
>>Medical Release - Each coach must have each player's parent or guardian sign the medical release. Coaches are to have this form with them at each game and practice.

>>Return to Play Form (Cardiac)  - This form must be completed by a physician in order to return to play.
>>Return to Play Form (Concussion) - This form must be completed by a physician in order to return to play.


The US Soccer Federation proposed and implemented standardization with Player Development Initiatives (referred to as PDI’s) in August 2016. The goal is to improve the long-term development of players in the United States by creating the optimal training and playing environment especially for youth players. These changes were recommended in 2016/2017 but will be MANDATED in 2017/2018. The mandates apply to every team and club under the governance of US Soccer, including US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), of which the Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) is a member.

>>Read More - Player Development Mandates
>>Player Development Initiatives Document


>>Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017

Punting the ball

At what age are players allowed to punt a ball in a game?

  • Players on Teams 11U and younger may not punt a ball in a game in the 4 vs 4 or 7 vs 7 or 9 vs 9 format.
  • Players on Teams 12U and older may punt a ball in a game in the 9 vs 9 format.
  • *** Please note a goalkeeper “drop kicking” a ball is considered punting ***

What occurs if the goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball?

  • If the goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball the referee will stop the game and award an indirect free kick to the opposition at the spot of the infringement.
  • If the punt or drop kick occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.

*** Please note changes to the original PDI policy on punting (drop kicking). Previous PDI guidelines allowed punting but not heading a ball at 11U. After consultation at US Federation meetings in late July (2017) a decision was made in the interests of player safety to reduce the risk of players attempting to head a ball at 11U, which is banned, by eliminating punting from the 11U format at ALL competition levels of TSSA soccer***

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