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2022 Fall Youth Recreational - Birth Years 2019-2005



To register, create an account, and add your players as participants. Once you do that, while logged in, on the account dashboard you'll see a button next to their name for available programs. Click that to register.

Please read the important information that follows!

Dates, times, and other information are subject to change. Please check back periodically for updated information.  Game cancellations will be posted to the mainpage, social media and via SMS.

In order to begin receiving SMS messages, you must first text keyword CSAclubs1433 to 334-310-2497.

CSA Youth Recreational Soccer

Early Registration July 1 – July 31, 2022

Cost per player $100

Late Registration August 1 - August 12, 2022

Cost plus late fee per player $125

Waitlist After August 12, you can sign up for free on the waitlist. If there is an opening, you'll be notified by email. You'll then complete registration and pay. Placement to a team during this period is not guaranteed.

Coaches Meeting Saturday, September 3
If you volunteered to coach, please check your email for important information. Or reach out to the VP of Recreational.

All recreational teams are coached by parents. We need a volunteer for each team. Please consider volunteering when you register your child. The sooner we have volunteers, the sooner we can build teams, divisions, and practice can start. Coaches choose practice days and time. Once a team has a volunteer coach, that coach will receive their rosters, uniforms, and other info at the coach's meeting. All risk management requirements must be complete. Coaches then reach out to parents regarding practice days and times.

Game Dates September 17, 24, October 8, 15, 22, 29, November 5
Attention: new start date! Check your email for more details!

We make an attempt to play at least 6 scheduled games. Due to weather, field availability, and other events out of our control, some games may be canceled and not rescheduled. Games are played at Ridley Sports Complex - 6148 Trotwood Avenue, Columbia, TN.

Refunds We no longer offer refunds. You may enroll in SecureFee insurance during registration.

Birth Years 2005-2019 We follow the US Youth Soccer Birth Matrix. You child's division is based on their birth year minus the ending season year. For example, a 2010 birth year minus the ending 2023 season would be a U13. In order to have enough players per team, sometimes divisions are combined. For example, U13 and U14 are combined into a single U14 division. Some divisions will be COED.

Special Requests We cannot guarantee special requests. Requests will be honored in the order received. Requests must be a geniune hardship related to travel needs, work schedules, etc. Requests received during late or waitlist registration will not be accepted.

Game Days We play on Saturdays with younger divisions starting around 9 am. We may play make up games during the week if needed.

Practice Days Once or twice a week at the fields behind Graymere Church. Volunteer coaches choose the days and times to practice. Please be respectful of the property and parking lot, these facilities are not owned by Columbia Soccer.

Equipment Needed You will receive a jersey, shorts, and socks that you keep. Shin guards are required at all games and practices. Soccer cleats are recommended but not required. Ball Sizes
Age Group Size
U13 - U18 #5
U09 - U12 #4
U04 - U08 #3

– Our website and registration software provider Sports Connect will now offer refund insurance for registrations. CSA no longer processes refunds. From this point forward, all refunds will be done through SecureFee. You must opt-in for the insurance during registration to be eligible for any refunds. All refund claims will be filed with SecureFee, the refund insurance provider. Information is provided during the checkout process including links to their policies with email and telephone numbers for more information, questions, or claims.

If we are forced to cancel the youth recreational due to COVID, there will be a prorated refund or credit issued. The refund/credit amount will be a prorated amount of the original registration fee (less the cost of your child’s uniform & insurance paid directly to TN State Soccer - $25) based on the number of games played. We will refund/credit 7/8 of the registration fee after deducting $25 if 1 game is played, 6/8 if 2 games are played, etc. We will attempt to complete the scheduled games for each team, but once the majority of teams have played 6 games the season will be considered complete.

Some games may be played on weeknights if necessary. We make our best effort to play at least 6 games a season, however due to weather, field availability, ref availability, and other factors beyond our control, we may not be able to make up all canceled games.

If you are new to Columbia Soccer, please create an account. Once logged into the account dashboard, add your children as participants or yourself if you plan to play in the adult league. Once a program is opened, you will see the available programs button appear next to the participants name. 

Typical Youth Outdoor Recreational Schedule (Subject to Change, Dates are Approximate)
JuneFall Registration BeginsDecemberSpring Registration Begins
JulyFall Registration EndsJanuarySpring Registration Ends
SeptemberFall Season BeginsMarchSpring Season Begins
NovemberFall Season EndsMaySpring Season Ends


The youth recreational league is open to players in the U4 – U18 divisions. Divisions are based on birth year. The soccer year starts in the fall and ends in the spring. To verify the division birth year, refer to the US Youth Soccer Birth Matrix.

The emphasis of the recreational league is FUN. Players get to play at least half of every game regardless of skill level. Game scores are not kept, and teams are balanced to the best of our ability to ensure enjoyable play for everyone. If your player is interested in competitive play, we offer our Arsenal select program. Tryouts are once a year in the fall. For more information on Arsenal, contact our VP of Travel.

Please be aware that odd divisions are usually combined with even divisions. For example, players that register for a U5, U7, U9, U11, or U13 division will actually play in a U6, U8, U10, U12, or U14. Some divisions may be combined into coed teams and have a larger age range. For example, U15, U16, and U17 may be combined with the U18 division. This is all dependent upon registration numbers, division enrollments, and the number of volunteer coaches available. Females that are placed on a Coed team will show as being in Boys, this is due to the way our governing body's software handles teams.

Games are generally played on Saturdays, but sometimes games may be scheduled during the week. U4 - U6 games are administered by our Mentors on Saturdays and generally don't practice during the week. The practice may be one or two days during the week. Practice days and times are determined by coaches. 

How do I know what division my child should be in?
The system automatically places your child in the correct division based on their birth year according to the US Youth Soccer Birth Matrix. You can also determine the division by subtracting your child's birth year from the season-ending year (fall through spring). The new year starts August 1 and ends July 31.
For example, a child born in 2012 playing in the 2019 fall through 2020 spring would be in the U8 division. 
Please note that odd divisions are usually combined with even divisions, such as U7 and U8. Some older divisions with smaller registration numbers may have a larger combination and be coed. For example, U16, U17, and U18 players may be combined into one U18 Coed division in order to have enough players to form teams.  If a female is on a COED team, the system will show it as a boys team due to the way our governing body sorts teams.

Special Requests:

Special requests for a specific coach, player, or team are not guaranteed. Hardships will be taken into consideration regarding travel arrangements for games and practices. Teams are generated each season using software that evenly sorts players based on age and other criteria in order to make games balanced and fair. Occasionally, rec teams may need to be reorganized to make play more even. Coaches decide practice days and times. Practice locations are set by the Field Manager. 

Weather and Illness:
We play in the heat, cold, and rain. Severe weather, lightning, or illness may cause games to be canceled. When 2 or more games are canceled due to weather or other events, we will attempt to make up 1 of the missed games, but due to field and referee availability, games may not be made up. 

Game Location
Ridley Sports Complex
6148 Trotwood Ave, Columbia, TN 38401

When will I know about games, practices, uniforms, and other information?
Coaches meet to receive their rosters, uniforms, practice fields, and other information on Coach’s Saturday. Most practices take place at Dr. Hunter's practice fields located behind his practice and Graymere Church of Christ. We encourage coaches to contact parents as soon as possible after the coach meeting. Coaches set practice times and days. We always need volunteer coaches, please consider volunteering. All volunteers must complete the Risk Management mandates. 

What equipment will my child need?
Your child will be provided a game-day uniform which includes a jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks. The uniform is theirs; they will not have to turn it back in. You will need to purchase shin guards, shoes (soccer cleats), and a soccer ball. Shin guards and shoes are required for both practices and games.

 Ball Sizes
 Age Group Size
 U13 - U18 #5
 U09 - U12 #4
 U04 - U08 #3

Do I have to live in Columbia to register?
We do not restrict registration to Columbia, anyone in Maury or surrounding counties is welcome to register to play in our program. 

When are games and practices?
Recreational games are played on Saturdays. Usually, the younger divisions play earlier and older divisions later. Game times range from 9 am to 3 pm, but this can vary depending on the number of players registered, the number of teams, and other variables. Coaches choose the day and times for practice. Some may practice twice a week. Teams in the U04 and U06 generally do not practice during the week. Mentors administer training and games at the allotted game times.

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